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Exact income tax preparation
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 We do taxes right!

Exact income tax preparation
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Paul Knapp tax prep

  • Accurate tax preparation
  • Support all year
  • Lower cost

You May Be Losing Money!  

Your Preparer Should Tell You Everything

Many preparers, including CPAs, tell you your NET refund but not your TOTAL refund. We tell you everything, including all our fees.

Doing your own taxes?  

Missing one deduction can cost more than our low fee. Some errors can cause paybacks of many dollars, long after that refund is gone.

Healthcare Reporting is Changing Again

You could receive as many as three 1095 forms - 1095A, 1095B, 1095C. Errors here delay your refund, cause letters from IRS, and can cost you money.

Tax rules change every year

IRS audits by mail continue to increase. We help in 2 ways: (1) We do it right the first time and (2) we help you respond timely and appropriately with right answers. You get your maximum refund with no worries and lower cost to you.  

If IRS wants to ask you questions?  Not a problem.  You call us.  We help - with accurate answers and on time.  If you forget something, we help you correct your error in the best possible way for your situation.   

  Why go anywhere else?

  • We do taxes right
  • Pay from your refund!
  • Lower price = MORE FOR YOU!
  • Call us any time!
  • Support all year
  • Over 50 Years Experience

  Why settle for less and then pay more?

  • $200 on our card in hours*
  • One stop with our card or IRS direct deposit
  • Fast Money - card, check, direct deposit
  • Reasonable prices
  • Maximum legal refund
  • No obligation tax return

Locations To Serve You

Pasadena Town Square Mall

Pasadena tax preparation

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Near the Fountain at the head of the WorkSource Hall.

   713-472-1889 during tax season

Baytown's San Jacinto Mall

Baytown tax preparation

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In the Food Court opposite the theater (between ice cream and jewelry repair)

   281-421-7324 during tax season

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From our support office in Santa Fe.


Letter from IRS? Just Call Us!  

We help - at no extra charge for our clients and reasonable prices for others.

Tax question?  Just Call Us!

Phone calls are always free.

We do your taxes right and then we do our best to provide you all legal choices for obtaining your refund.  We make sure you understand the choices, the costs, and then we stand behind our work and help you with your income tax needs all year. We specialize in helping ordinary people comply with all IRS rules, get the maximum legal refund, and respond to any IRS questions.  We never charge for phone calls so call us.  We will help as best we can.

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*Restrictions apply.  Requires purchase AutoProtect.

Year-round Support
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